Call to Order

Call to Order Director’s Report

Approval of Minutes

Approval of the August 22, 2013 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Platting Activity A & B

a. Consent Subdivision Plats (Peter Klomparens) b. Replats (Peter Klomparens)

Platting Activity C

Replats Requiring Public Hearings with Notification (Suvidha Bandi, Dorianne Powe-Phlegm, Kimberly Bowie)

Platting Activity D

Subdivision Plats with Variance Requests ( Kimberly Bowie, Mikalla Hodges, Muxian Fang, Dipti Mathur, Suvidha Bandi)

Platting Activity E - J

e. Subdivision Plats with Special Exception Requests (Mikalla Hodges) f. Reconsiderations of Requirement (Mikalla Hodges, Suvidha Bandi) g. Administrative h. Development Plats with Variance Requests (Dipti Mathur, Mikalla Hodges) i. Certificates of Compliance (Aracely Rodriguez) j. Extension of Approvals and Name Changes (Aracely Rodriguez)

Item II

Establish a public hearing date of October 3, 2013 a. Memas b. River Oaks Sec 4 partial replat no 1 c. Rutland Park Addition partial replat no 3 d. Winlow Place partial replat no 2

Item III

Consideration of a Landscape Variance for a property located at 909 Washington Avenue (Dipti Mathur)

Item IV a

605 Silver Street – Old Sixth Ward Historic District (Diana DuCroz)

Item IV b

1610 Cortlandt Street – Houston Heights Historic District East (Diana DuCroz)

Item IV c

1322 Tulane Street – Houston Heights Historic District West (Diana DuCroz)

Items V - VII

V. Public Comment VI. Excuse the absence of Commissioner Zakaria VII. Adjournment
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