Reading of City Council Agenda

Descriptions or captions of Agenda items read by the City Secretary prior to commencement of city council.

Item 22

ORDINANCE approving and authorizing Grant Agreement between the City of Houston and W. LEO DANIELS TOWERS, INC, to provide $886,000.00 ($538,185.60 - Community Development Block Grant Funds/$347,814.40 - Home Investment Partnerships Funds) for the rehabilitation of a 100 unit apartment building for the elderly and disabled located at 8826 Harrell Street.

Item 23

ORDINANCE approving and authorizing agreement between the City of Houston and 10700, LLC to provide a $9,850,000.00 Performance-based Loan of Federal Community Development Block Grant ("CDBG") Funds for costs to acquire and rehab an apartment complex in the 10700 and 10800 blocks of Fondren Road, Houston, Texas, to house qualified low income residents.

Item 39

RESOLUTION designating a certain property within the City of Houston as a landmark and a protected landmark.

Consent Agenda

Consent Agenda Items: Miscellaneous -Items 1 through 5, Accept Work - Items 6 through 8, Property - Items 9 through 11, Purchasing and Tabulation of Bids - Items 12 and 13, Resolutions and Ordinances - Items 14 through 36.

Item 37

RECEIVE nominations for Positions One, Two and Two Alternate At-Large Positions of the HOUSTON-GALVESTON AREA COUNCIL BOARD OF DIRECTORS, for one-year terms to expire December 31, 2008.

Matters Held

Item 38)RECOMMENDATION from Director Finance & Administration Department for the transfer of $25 million from the General Fund balance as follows: $5 million to the Police budget for additional overtime cost. $500,000 to the Fire Department for "Ask A Nurse Program". $6 million to the Internal Service Fund for Public Safety Equipment. $13.5 million to Debt Service Fund. (Item 40) ORDINANCE approving and authorizing a Compromise and Settlement Agreement between the City of Houston and CLEAR CHANNEL OUTDOOR, INC. to settle outstanding disputes and controversies; making various findings and provisions relating to the subject. (Item 40a) ORDINANCE amending the City of Houston Sign Code (Chapter 46 of the Building Code, Houston, Texas) relating to reduction of the number of Off-Premise Signs; containing other provisions relating to the foregoing subject; providing for severability; providing a penalty; providing for enforcement; providing an effective date.

Council Comments (part 1 of 2)

Matters to be Presented by Council Members.

Council Comments (part 2 of 2)

Matters to be Presented by Council Members.
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