Director’s Report

Call to Order Director’s Report • Announcement regarding upcoming activities or schedule Approval of the February 04, 2010 Planning Commission meeting minutes

Platting Activity - Sections A & B (Items 1 - 60)

Platting Activity (subdivision and development plats) a. Consent Subdivision Plats ( Tenesia Mathews ) b. Replats ( Tenesia Mathews )

Platting Activity - Section C (Items 61-64)

Replats Requiring Public Hearings with Notification (Dorianne Powe-Phlegm, Suvidha Bandi, Kimberly Bowie)

Platting Activity - Section D (Items 65-72)

Subdivision Plats with Variance Requests (Jesse Givens, Dipti Mathur, Muxian Fang, Brian Crimmins )

Platting Activity - Sections E, F, G, H, I, & J

e. Subdivision Plats with Special Exception Requests f. Reconsiderations of Requirement g. Administrative h. Development Plats with Variance Requests (Brian Crimmins) i. Certificates of Compliance ( Mikalla Hodges ) j. Extension of Approvals and Name Changes ( Mikalla Hodges)

Item II

Establish a public hearing date of March 18, 2010 for: a. Hutchins Gardens partial replat no 1 b. Lewis Elementary School Subdivision c. Towne Lake Sec 9 partial replat no 1 d. Woodlands Village of Creekside Park Sec 10 partial replat no 1 e. Woodlands Village of Creekside Park Sec 11 partial replat no 1

Item III

Consideration of an Off-street Parking Variance for property located at 4820 Washington Avenue (Brian Crimmins)

Item IV

Public Hearing and Consideration of Landmark and Protected Landmark Designation Application initiated by the owner: Star Engraving Company Building – 3201 Allen Parkway (Diana DuCroz)

Item V-VII

V. Excuse the absences of Commissioner, Dr. Carol A. Lewis VI. Public Comment VII. Adjournment
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