Item 1

To delete Brandt Rd. from McCrary Rd. to City of Houston ETJ.

Item 2

1 - To delete Hollister Rd., a major thoroughfare, between Clay Rd. and Hempstead Rd. 2 - Realign Hollister Rd. between Hempstead Rd. and Pinemont Dr. along existing Clark Rd.

Item 3

To study the alignment of proposed Mercury Dr., a major thoroughfare, between IH-10 and proposed US 90/Beaumont Highway.

Item 4

1. To realign the proposed West Rd. between Old Creek Rd. and the W. Hardy Road. 2. Additional amendment per staff, realign West Rd. East of Hardy Toll Rd. to Aldine Westfield Rd.

Item 5

To Reclassify Harrisburg Blvd. from Dowling St. to 72nd St. as a Transit Corridor Street

Item 6

To Classify the following streets and METRO rights-of-way/easement as Transit Corridor Street 1. Rusk from Memorial to Hamilton Street 2. Capitol Street from Memorial to Hamilton Street 3. Hamilton Street from Rusk to Texas Avenue 4. Texas Ave. from Hamilton to Nagle St. 5. METRO rights-of-way/easement from Nagle St. to Dallas St. 6. Dallas St. from the Union Pacific Railroad Right of Way to Scott St. 7. Wheeler St. from Scott St. to Cullen Blvd. To Reclassify the following streets as Transit Corridor Street 8. Scott St. from Dallas St. to Wheeler St. 9. Wheeler St. from Cullen Blvd. to Calhoun St./Martin Luther King Blvd. 10. Martin Luther King Blvd. from Wheeler St. to Griggs Rd. 11. Griggs Rd. from Martin Luther King Blvd. to Long Dr.

Item 7

To Reclassify the following streets to Transit Corridor Street 1 - Westpark Dr. from Newcastle Dr. to S. Rice Ave./Sage Rd. 2 - IH-610 West Loop Access Rd. from Westpark Dr. to Post Oak Blvd. 3 - Post Oak Blvd. from Richmond Ave to IH-610. 4 - IH-610 from Post Oak Oakford St. 5 - N. Post Oak Rd from Oakford St. to Old Katy Rd. 6 - Old Katy Rd. from N. Post Oak Rd. to IH-610.

Item 8

To reclassify the following streets as Transit Corridor Street 1. Main St. from IH-10 to Wheeler St. 2. Fannin St. from Wheeler to Montrose Blvd. 3. Fannin St. from Monstrose Blvd. to S. Braeswood Blvd. 4. S. Braeswood Blvd. from Fannin St. to Greenbriar 5. Greenbriar from S. Braeswood Blvd. to Fannin St. 6. Fannin St. from Greenbriar to W. Bellfort To classify the following streets as Transit Corridor Street 7. San Jacinto from Blodgett to Montrose Blvd

Item 9

1. To classify proposed San Jacinto extension between Central Business District and Burnett Street as a major thoroughfare. 2. To classify Fulton Street between Burnett Street and Hogan Street as a major thoroughfare.
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