Item I

Call to order Introduction (Michael Kramer)

Item II.1

Brandt Road (Parke Patterson Land Development)

Item II.2

Hollister Drive (Planning & Development Department)

Item II.3

Mercury Drive Study (Planning & Development Department)

Item II.4

West Road (Binkley & Barfield, Inc.)

Item II.5

East End Corridor (Marsh Darcy Partners, Inc.)

Item II.6

Southeast Corridor (Marsh Darcy Partners, Inc.)

Item II.7

Uptown Corridor (Planning & Development Department)

Item II.8

Main Street Rail (Planning & Development Department)

Item II.9

San Jacinto / Fulton (Planning & Development Department)

Items III-IV

III. Reminder that staff will present the Planning Department’s recommendations on these public hearing items to the Planning Commission on Thursday, August 13 at 2:30 p.m. IV. Adjournment
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