Director’s Report

Director’s Report • Announcement regarding upcoming activities or schedule o Establish January 22, 2009 for a public hearing and consideration of proposed Historic Preservation Ordinance amendments o 2009 Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan amendment submittal period Approval of the December 18 Planning Commission Meeting minutes

Platting Activity Section H Item 57

H. Development plats (Dipti Mathur)

Platting Activity - Sections A & B (Items 1-46)

a. Consent subdivisions plats (Muxian Fang) b. Replats (Muxian Fang)

Platting Activity - Section C (Items 47-51)

c. Replats requiring public hearings with notification

Platting Activity - Section D (Items 52-54)

d. Subdivision plats with variances (Jesse Givens)

Platting Activity - Section E Item 55

e. Subdivision plats with special exceptions (Dipti Mathur)

Platting Activity - Section J Item 56

j. Extension of approvals and name changes (Tenesia Mathews)

Items II, III, IV and V

II. Establish a public hearing date of February 5, 2009 for: a. Atasca Woods Sec 1 partial replat no 1 b. Bercons Feagan Street Residences Subdivision c. Perez Warehouse Subdivision d. Rodrigo Duplex Subdivision e. Westgate Sec 17 replat no 1 III. Excuse the absences of Commissioner Shaukat Zakaria IV. Public Comment V. Adjournment
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