Director's Report

Announcement about Annual Report. Announcement regarding upcoming activities or schedule. Approval of the November 6 and 20 Planning Commission Meeting minutes.

Platting Activity - Sections A & B (Items 1 - 76)

Item I: Platting Activity - (a.) Consent subdivisions plats. (b.) Replats.

Platting Activity - Section C (Items 77 - 84)

Item I: Platting Activity - Replats requiring public hearings with notification.

Platting Activity - Section D (Items 85 - 89)

Item I: Platting Activity - Subdivision plats with variances.

Platting Activity - Sections E, F, G, H, I & J

Item I: Platting Activity - (e.) Subdivision plats with special exceptions. (f.) Reconsiderations of Requirement. (g.) Administrative. (h.) Development plats. (i.) Certificates of compliance. (j.) Extension of approvals and name changes.

Establish public hearing date of January 8, 2009

Item II - Establish a public hearing date of January 8, 2009 for: (a.) Houston Community College Eastside Extension no 3 Subdivision. (b.) Hutchison Fifteen replat no 1.

Item III

Continuation of a Public Hearing and Consideration of a Special Minimum Lot Size Area Application for the 2300 Block of Albans Street, north and south sides, between Greenbriar Drive and Morningside Drive.

Items IV, V, and VI

(Item IV)Excuse the absences of The Honorable Ed Emmett. (Item V) Public Comment. (Item VI) Adjournment.
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