Director's Report

Approval of the April 10, 2008 Planning Commission Meeting minutes.

Platting Activity - Sections A & B (Items 1 - 91)

Item I: Platting Activity - (a.) Consent subdivisions plats. (b.) Replats.

Platting Activity: Section C (Items 92 - 101)

Item I: Platting Activity - Replats requiring public hearings with notification.

Platting Activity - Section D (Items 102 - 110)

Item I: Platting Activity - Subdivision plats with variances.

Platting Activity - Sections E, F, G, H, I & J

Item I: Platting Activity - (e.) Subdivision plats with special exceptions. (f.) Reconsiderations of Requirement. (g.) Administrative. (h.) Development plats. (i.) Certificates of compliance. (j.) Extension of approvals and name changes.

Establish a public hearing date of May 22, 2008

Item II - Establish a public hearing date of May 22, 2008: (a.) Castro Cheese Company replat no 1. (b.) Grants Trace partial replat no 1.

Item III

Certification of the Planning Commission’s action taken on Briar Hollow Commons on March 27

Item IV

Public Hearing and Consideration of Items for 2600—2800 Block of Morrison, west side, between White Oak Boulevard and Byrne Street: (a.) Special Minimum Lot Size Area Application. (b.) Special Building Line Requirement Area Application.

Items V and VI

(Item V) Landmark Designation Application initiated by the owners: (a.) John B. Hines House – 2219 Brentwood Drive. (b.) Dr. Everett Seale House – 3408 Ella Lee Lane. (Item VI) Landmark and Protected Landmark Designation Applications initiated by the owners: (a.) R. E. Avery House – 504 Woodland Street. (b.) Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church – 1407 Valentine Street. (c.) St. James United Methodist Church – 1217 Wilson Street. (d.) Building at 1404 Victor Street – 1404 Victor Street.

Item VII

Public Hearing and Consideration of Chapter 42 amendments for Rules Governing Replats and Average Lot Sizes


Consideration of a Hotel / Motel Variance Application for WYNDHAM HOTEL located at 3055 West Sage Road.

Item IX

(Item IX) Excuse the absences of D. Fred Martinez and The Honorable Ed Emmett.
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