Director's Report

Director's Report and approval of the January 17, 2008 Planning Commission Meeting minutes.

Platting Activity - Sections A & B (Items 1 - 108)

Item I: Platting Activity - (a.) Consent subdivisions plats. (b.) Replats.

Platting Activity - Section C (Items 109 - 115)

Item I: Platting Activity - Replats requiring public hearings with notification.

Section D: Item 116

One Origin Center Subdivision

Platting Activity - Section D (Items 117 - 126)

Item I: Platting Activity - Subdivision plats with variances.

Platting Activity - Sections E, F, H, I & J

Item I: Platting Activity - (E: Item 127) Subdivision plats with special exceptions. (F: Item 128) Reconsiderations of Requirement. (H: Item 129) Development plats. (I: Items 130 - 132) Certificates of compliance. (J: Items 133 - 147) Extension of approvals and name changes.

Establish public hearing date of February 28, 2008

Item II - Establish a public hearing date of February 28, 2008 for: (a.) Briar Hollow Commons (b.) Katy Creek Ranch Sec 3 partial replat no 1 (c.) King Lakes Sec 3 (d.) Tuscan Woods Villas Sec 2.

Item III

Public Hearing and Consideration of a Special Minimum Lot Size Area Application for the 6000 Block of Glencove Street, south side, between Memorial Drive and 6039 Glencove Street.

Item IV

Public Hearing and Consideration of a Hotel / Motel Variance Application for Days Inn located off of Stancliff Road and US 59.

Public Comment

Item V - Public Comment.
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