Minutes Approval

Approval of the November 29, 2007 Planning Commission Meeting minutes. Approval of the August 9, 2007 Planning Commission Meeting minutes for the Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan Amendments

Director’s Report

Director's Report for planning commission on December 13, 2007.

Platting Activity - Sections A & B (Items 1 - 158)

Item I: Platting Activity - (a.) Consent subdivisions plats. (b.) Replats.

Platting Activity - Section C (Items 159 - 168)

Item I: Platting Activity - Replats requiring public hearings with notification.

Platting Activity - Section D (Items 169 - 179)

Item I: Platting Activity - Subdivision plats with variances.

Platting Activity - Sec. F, H, I, J (#180 - #190)

Item I: Platting Activity - (F.) Reconsiderations of Requirement. (H.) Development plats (I.) Certificates of compliance. (J.) Extension of approvals and name changes.

Establish a public hearing date of Jan. 17, 2007

Item II - Establish a public hearing date of January 17, 2008 for: (a.) Round Robin Drive and Plantation Myrtles Drive Street Dedication. (b.) Team Autoplex Subdivision.

Item III

Consideration of a Hotel / Motel variance for La Quinta Inn located in the 2600 block of McGowen Street.

Item IV

Excuse the absences of Commissioner’s Jim Jard and Jon Strange.

Public Comment

Item V - Public Comment.
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