Call to Order

Call to Order Director’s Report

Approval of Minutes

Approval of the January 7, 2021 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Platting Activities A & B

Platting Activity (Subdivision and Development plats)

a. Consent Subdivision Plats (John Cedillo) b. Replats (John Cedillo

Platting Activity C

Replats requiring Public Hearings with Notification (Dorianne Powe-Phlegm, Homero Guajardo Alegria, Devin Crittle, and Geoff Butler)

Platting Activity D

Subdivision Plats with Variance Requests (Lyndy Morris, Homero Guajardo Alegria, Geoff Butler, Tammi Williamson)

Platting Activity F

Reconsiderations of Requirement (Devin Crittle and Geoff Butler)

Platting Activities G - I

g. Extensions of Approval (John Cedillo) h. Name Changes (John Cedillo) i. Certificates of Compliance (John Cedillo)

Platting Activity K

Development Plats with Variance Requests (Jose Mendoza)

Items II & IV

II. Establish a public hearing date of February 18, 2021 a. Imperial Forest Sec 3 partial replat no 1 b. Martin partial replat no 4 c. Neuen Manor partial replat no 19 d. Sixteenth Street Manor e. West 23rd Street Green f. Westheimer Gardens Extension partial replat no 11

IV. Adjournment
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